20th of June, 2014

Andor the Wild Warden "The fate of the Elendirs is in your hands, Andor."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part IV<br> Chapter V: The Wild Warden<br> <br> “I think the term “dislike” might be a euphemism, Doyen.”<br> I turned round to admire an Elendir or rather to admire a Lord. It was, without a shadow of a doubt, Andor the Warden. He was considerably taller than most of the Elendirs I'd encountered and his impressive body could only be rivaled by the titanic antlers that surrounded him. <br> “This is Andor, Warden of the Black Pines and as such, one of the protectors of the Flower of Life”, explained Hamestro.<br> “I do not wish to be introduced to this creature, Hamestro. I came as soon as I heard Esmy and Shan talk about him.”<br> He turned towards me, his eyes full of hatred, <br> “Now listen to me, stranger, I saw my people perish at the hands of your race, whether they were of the Dragon or the Phoenix. You are not welcome here.”<br> “But… Esmy is also of my race…”<br> “Emsy is collateral damage of your endless fighting and as such is innocent. I recognize innocence in someone when I see it and everything about you exudes hidden vice and guilt. If you so much as dare to raise your hand to one of my people, I swear by Nalassa that your head will roll.”<br> And at that he left as suddenly as he’d arrived.


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