20th of June, 2014

Draugull "You're alive, you're alive! Draugull!"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part V <br> Chapter IV: Cursed Creature<br><br> The words whispered by Equal Munya still rang out in my ears. The Ashe city was dominated by death, death and obsessive fear. I wrapped my chromatophore cape around me, hoping not to be spotted. I had to find a map of the labyrinthine galleries of the kingdom of the dark dwarfs, and sharpish! As I wandered around consumed with fear, the air became thin and frozen. A draught was coming from a small building that resembled a temple. I approached it, spurred on by my all-consuming curiosity. I had witnessed the conversion of the Possessed Ones, the methodical creation of abyssal horrors by the Iridescent Ones, but never had I attended a ritual of the necromancers. They were sat in a circle, around a septagram of powdered galvanite where the bones of an enormous creature, most probably a wyvern, had been laid out. Their incantations and black magic rose up into the air. I had expected no less and yet, it didn't stop me from breaking out into a cold sweat when the creature moved its head and uttered a grave and chilling growl.


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