20th of June, 2014

Ryden "You're young but bright, Ryden"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part II <br> Chapter V: Rampart Guards of the Empire<br><br> “I was told to feed you. Follow me.” The pot-bellied young man had approached me while I was still waiting to be granted an audience with the Valkyrie. <br> He served me some kind of gruel with lard on the side. He then served himself and sat before me.<br> ""So, just what is your story?"" he suddenly asked. I looked at him, not particularly wanting to enter into conversation. <br> “I see you’re not the chatty sort. Although it has to be said, it's sometimes better not to know. There are some Rampart Guards here that you wonder how they managed to escape the Inquisition to end up here.”<br> “You're here, so I imagine you're very much like them..."<br> ""Don’t go tarring me with the same brush as those nasty characters. I had the misfortune to get caught while I was innocently sampling the dish of a high-ranking inquisitor. Given how quick they are to execute wrongdoers, I can tell you I was lucky to get out alive and end up here.”<br> “But why do you all stay? I haven’t seen anything stopping you from leaving.”<br> “I can tell you’ve just arrived. You’re better off sticking to the rules here. The Iceborne aren’t very well-disposed towards deserters and trouble-makers.


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