20th of June, 2014

Bruksen "Master alchemist, indeed."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part I <br> Chapter IV: Master Alchemist<br><br> “Are you awake?” <br> I opened my eyes to find I was lying in a room filled with strange smells, with an old man peering down at me.<br> “Don’t move or it will hurt. Drink this.”<br> The old man poured a strange tasting liquid onto my lips.<br> “So, you’re curious about the Watchmakers are you? You should watch yourself. They've been somewhat volatile since the Artech Masters won the Patrician’s favors.”<br> “Thank you, but who are you?”<br> “I am one of the very few who are still interested in real science and not just vulgar machines. I am Magnum Bruksen, leader of the city's remaining alchemists. From my window I saw Cadmendus’ golem send you flying. Those Watchmakers… they’re nothing but a bunch of brutes these days.”<br> He put away the flask he'd used to treat me.<br> “You should rest now, stranger. My apprentice will be back soon with some food.""


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