6th of June, 2014

Xal Nur the Mindslaver "Your mind... is mine!"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part VI<br><br> Chapter IV: Xal Nur the Banished One<br><br> I was chained and dragged to the Nix palace in the centre of the city. I then felt a pressure from an unknown being bearing down on my brain. It wormed its way into my mind, entering into the corridors of my thoughts. I felt dissected alive… and then its voice rang out loud and clear in my head. “I see… Zaarwan… your mission… so you are not a Possessed One? Interesting…but who are you, then? Where did you spend your childhood? Where were you born?” I felt knives carving and slicing through my memory. I must have been deathly pale when I was thrown to the floor. I looked up at the exiled Iridescent one whose evil smile served only to intensify the pain that was tearing me apart inside. I was before the powerful Xal Nur.


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