6th of June, 2014

Hakbra "Mystic chaman, Hakbra!"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part III<br><br> Chapter IV: Jakara Shamans<br><br> The fault opened by the Jakaras finally spewed out the last of the reptile warriors making way for a group of unarmed Jakaras. Protected by their fellow men, they formed a circle and began their incantations. I had been told about the shamanism of the Draken. They needed contact with fire and lava in order to fully express themselves. How then would they manage in these frozen lands? Alas, my question was all too quickly answered: lava invoked from the depths of the land surged forth through the open fault. The shamans stood up and began their dance, shaping the lava whose sulfurous odor very quickly invaded the battle field...


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