6th of June, 2014

Hamestro "Pray for the nature, Hamestro."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part IV<br><br> Chapter IV: The Elendir Doyen<br><br> Istrimeden, the Elendirs... The people of the Norde forests were clearly different. They had led me to one of their converted tree stumps and I was welcomed by an elder.<br> “Stranger, I am Hamestro, Doyen of the Elendirs. Your coming was foretold by the Istrimeden and I am here to receive you while we await her arrival.”<br> “I…I don’t quite know what to say. A magician sent me here…”<br> “We know that. It was I who contacted Dame Malecia on the instructions of the Istrimeden. You are a complicated case, stranger… The Elendirs have severed all contact with the outside people. The Norde world is currently experiencing a status quo around the Chasm and our main priority is to protect the Black Pines. Andor the Warden does not appreciate your being here but we will welcome you as warmly as is necessary, until you meet with the oracle.”


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