6th of June, 2014

Vamik "We need your guidance, Vamik."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part II<br><br> Chapter IV : Icyks<br><br> “Don’t pay any attention to Corben. He became a traitor to save his much-loved captain.” A small being addressed me while flicking through a parchment of strange letters. “And you are…?” I asked.<br> ""Ah! Excuse me, I am Vamik. The Big-Feet call us the Icyk because we lived on the Islands of Ice.” “Lived?”<br> “The islands no longer exist. The survivors among us found refuge here. Now we are part of what they refer to as the Rampart Watch.”<br> This was perhaps connected to my mission, so I dared to venture,<br> “What exactly happened?”<br> “No one knows. The islands were swallowed up years ago while half my people were out fishing at sea.”<br> He stopped writing and looked straight at me without animosity, <br> “Some say the evil Jakaras melted our islands, while others believe it was the black magic of the dwarfs…”<br> I could see his hand was shaking. Making entire islands disappear without a trace seemed more in keeping with the behavior of my masters, but I dared not tell him that.


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