23rd of May, 2014

Harkaust "You're so rank, but well, nothing is perfect."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part V <br><br> Chapter III: Cages of Nightmares <br><br> The city of Ashe combined that strange mixture of civilization and barbarity so typical of the Spectre. Magnificent edifices, built by dwarfs, stood alongside mass graves filled with dark iron cages in which a variety of abominable and nightmarish creatures lurked. While the beast known as Tragg was being shut up in one of them, I noticed that what I had initially thought to be a pile of bones in the cage next to his, was in fact moving and shining in all the colors of necromancy. The creature was made up of several different parts of various deformed skeletons. What could be the purpose of such a thing? And what deranged mind could be behind it?


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