23rd of May, 2014

Norell Dragonslayer "Shine, Dragonslayer Norell!"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part II <br><br> Chapter III: Dragon Slayer <br><br> “My grandfather was Tyrenn the Dragon Slayer and my father, Fhjorn the Dragon Slayer. We have been Dragon Slayers since the dawn of time, since the war of my people against the Draken chimera.<br><br>” The Iceborne leader was a force of nature with a piercing and pitiless gaze. “My family does not bear this name to dwell upon ancient glory, stranger. It is there so that every time we hear it spoken, we are reminded of our duty.”<br><br> He paused and then continued, “What you ask is impossible. No one can descend into the Chasm.” <br><br>Each word was carefully articulated and as unshakeable as the ramparts around us.<br><br> “I have listened to you because Merana Aldebrane spoke well of you. The fact that we are allies of the Empire does not mean that just anyone can venture into the Nordefence. While I am alive, no one will descend into the Chasm.” <br><br>I knew our talk was at an end.


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