23rd of May, 2014

Danial & Valandar "Find your true strenght, Danial"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part IV <br><br> Chapter III: Son of the Wind <br><br> The giant bird landed behind me.<br><br> “Hey, sis!”<br><br> A young boy sat proudly astride the giant, croaking bird. Then he noticed me.<br><br> “Who's that? He looks weird.” <br><br> “It is a guest of Istrimeden. I have to take him to see her.”<br><br> “Are you still hanging out with the Elendirs? You know we don’t owe anything to old Andor! We can get along just fine without him!”<br><br> “I’m not doing it for Andor. I’m doing it for Shan, we’re friends! And anyway, just because Valandar doesn’t like the other forest creatures, you don’t have to be like him.” <br><br> The giant bird croaked even louder. “That’s the wind calling us, sis, and he answers to no one.” And the bird took off at a half-run, half-glide through the air.<br><br> “Haeldid of a big brother!” muttered Esmy.<br><br> I didn’t understand the Unicorn language but I had a fair idea of what she was saying.


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