23rd of May, 2014

Hogah "Stand for your master, Hogah !"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part VI <br><br> Chapter III: Warriors of the Depths <br><br> Could these really be the Nix? The warriors coming towards me looked nothing like the images that had been described to me. The Nix were more ferocious and had certain body parts in duplicate if not more. The group of warriors surrounding me had an almost human form if you turned a blind eye to certain appendages characteristic of the children of Kraken. I had no chance to escape, so addressed them with the usual greeting, “Hoel Nev’ull”.<br><br> The warrior leading the troop looked at me closely and walked around me three times before signaling to his subordinates to seize me. “Hor'el Ne’vull, you have a strange accent. We are taking you to our master.”


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