9th of May, 2014

Lady Ametia Nightclaw "Ametia the Nightclaw, assemble your pack. "

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part V <br><br> Chapter II: Underground City <br><br> I followed the dwarf and the troll into the deep dark maze, praying to encounter some form of light. I was expecting to find an underground city lit by simple torches. Never would I have thought moonlight might be shining on these buildings of the depths. Although it was underground, the Ashe city seemed to be open to the outside world on one front, most likely to a cliff. It was made up of majestic buildings that were far too majestic for any dwarf architecture I knew. Then, on one of the balconies, I caught sight of a sublime figure dressed in a sumptuous gown. This was clearly a noble woman and I realized she must belong to the dark clan which controlled a part of the Norde that the Iceborne had warned me about, the Nightclaw Werewolves…


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