9th of May, 2014

Corben "Join me Corben."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part II <br><br> Chapter II: The Exiled Soldier <br><br> ...and I saw, sat astride the Helix bird, the Empire man. His face was worn gray with fatigue and he gave off a strong stench of alcohol.<br> “What is someone like you doing here, I wonder?”<br> I stared at him without replying; he looked as if he were an Empire soldier and yet...<br> “Corben, Corben Favellus, honorable deserter of the Scales of Steel at the battle of the Peak of Cinders, at your service, whoever you may be...” He knocked back some more of his beverage. “You’re not an Empire soldier or a Norde man, but your face reminds me of… “ He seemed to be momentarily lost in thought before gazing wearily up at me. Had my cover already been blown by this soldier who had spent time in Westwood? “What does it matter… I exchanged a hell of lava for a tomb of ice, and all that for...” Then he passed out, knocked senseless by the alcohol, murmuring “...that cretin Agavi...”


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