9th of May, 2014

Cadmendus "You're too dangerous, Cadmendus..."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part I <br><br> Chapter III: The Orskolm Watchmakers <br><br> The Artech Masters were unreachable. I tried my luck in the quarter of the Orskolm Watchmakers. I had already seen into the workshops of this caste of sick individuals, but here, heaped up in the middle of the mechanisms, were piles of carved rocks. The metallic, fetid odor led me to realize that this must be unrefined galvanite. And there he stood swinging at the ore with sure but heavy blows. Thanks to the inn-keeper’s description, I knew this must be Cadmendus. This imposing watchmaker was also a sculptor. Sparks of galvanite flew from the rock revealing a terrifying face. Just as the inn-keeper had told me, there was a tattoo on his forehead. I remembered the words of my master, “Find the Spider’s head”. Could this be who he had been referring to?


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