9th of May, 2014

Loba "Go and slash !"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part III <br><br> Chapter III: The Dance of the Drakull <br><br> The Jakaras continued to surge forth from the fault, taking the advance-guard, who were protecting the Nordefence, in a stranglehold. The Drakull warriors then made their entrance into the battle, with their first cohort advancing at lightning speed.<br> While the Iceborne were like solid walls, the Drakull warriors were characterized by their amazing agility. Caught off guard by this new offensive, the Nordefence guard urgently changed formation so as to leave themselves a way out. Having broken through, I saw a Drakull warrior using her swords to first unnerve her opponents and then plant them in their uncovered limbs. It was a true dance of swords that played with the blood of the enemy with each and every step. The flaming armor was one of the most spectacular and brutal spectacles I have ever witnessed.


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