25th of April, 2014

Artech Master Golblum "Artech Master Golblum"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part I<br> Chapter II: Artech Craftsmen<br><br> The inn reeked of silence but a few Jewels soon loosened the tongue of the innkeeper with his menacing looks,<br> “This is the city of the Artech, stranger. Us lot don't much like the gnomes but the Patrician is thick as thieves with them.” He scratched his chin. “It has to be said those little freaks know how to work galvanite. That ore is the most dangerous thing in the area and they make golems out of it.”<br> Galvanite… I sensed this ore was of utmost importance to my voyage. <br> “Where can I find the leading specialist in this field?” I asked. <br> ""That would be their leader, Master Artech Golblum. He’s a devious megalomaniac alright, even more twisted than Cadmendus, the Watchmaker…” And then he suddenly clammed up. I noticed beads of sweat forming on his forehead and knew I would get no more out of him.


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