25th of April, 2014

Qajgal "You will fall in her hands"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part VI<br> Chapter II: Giants<br><br> The City of the Nix lies hidden in the deepest depths of the Chasm. As I swam, blocking out the cold that enveloped me, I could just about make out floating under-water icebergs surrounding the city, each of them as imposing as the Patrician’s dungeon. I hid behind one hoping to learn more about the city of the Nix before entering it. Never could I have imagined that I was in fact touching an eyelid, which then opened to reveal a transparent eye staring out at me. The ancient language vibrated in the water, “Nev’ull Asst” (Who are you?), setting my nerves that were already frayed after my encounter with the banshee, on edge once more. I remained silent while the giant of Eternal Ice awakened. “Qajgal um, Nev’ull Asst?” she cried. The sound waves spread quickly, alerting an assorted group of Nix who then swam towards us at high speed… "


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