25th of April, 2014

Orkra "Crush them with your jaws, Orkra!"

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Carnet de voyage du reclus du Covendeirp

Part III<br> Chapter II: Reptile Warriors<br><br> ... and as the front line pulled back, a fault opened in the southern defenses from which several reptilian creatures escaped ready to fight. “Damned Jakaras, they've tried tunneling under the ramparts again! Ryden, Vamik must strengthen the sacred barrier. I’d never have thought that Evictia would persuade them again…” cried Omwald. <br> The largest reptile bellowed out an order to its comrades.<br> “Orkra… stupid but extremely talented when it comes to slicing up human flesh. They’re going to try to weaken the foundations with their warriors. Get Vamik for me. It’s an emergency!”<br> “There’s so many of them...”<br> “That’s only the vanguard, Stranger. There will be many more of them soon, if indeed we last that long...”


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