11th of April, 2014

Caesares "The iron fist of my velvet glove"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part I<br><br> Chapter X: The Flight from Orskolm<br><br> …and I fled at top speed through the town’s back-streets and alleyways, checking at each crossroads for any shadow or movement in the frozen fog. I still think of that room stained with gnome blood that the young woman called the "barber". “Caesares” read the plaque on his door but this was too noble a name for the horrors I had glimpsed within. I, who had sought to know more, now knew too much! Suddenly I heard his snigger pierce the darkness and as I felt his dagger approaching the nape of my neck, I prayed that my chromatophore cloak would once again work its magic…


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