11th of April, 2014

Malecia "Magic holder of the mist, Malecia"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part II <br><br> Chapter X: The Strange Magician<br><br> The war drums were making the stones of the Nordefence tremble. Was this really the moment to enter into conversation with this strange magician?<br> "Ex-magician, I've been banished from Ferabolt, young recluse", she informed me in no uncertain terms. "But I thought the exiled no longer had the right to wear the triangle of power."<br> "You seem very well informed about our order. Let's just say I came to an agreement with the current Grand Master, that is, me, Malecia, I get to keep the knowledge of the forbidden magic of the Mists in exchange for detailed reports from the Chasm."<br> She showed me a pile of journals heaped upon a table. <br> "But I didn’t call you here for that. I have telepathic contacts with certain…beings. You must go at once to the forest of the Black Pines in the west. An Iceborne will show you the way out of here, as soon as the southern postern is secured."<br> I didn’t have time to reply. Her eyes began to glow and with that she disappeared into a cloud of smoke.


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