11th of April, 2014

Anglatoth "Eat them alive Anglatoth !"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part VI<br><br> Chapter I: The Monster of the Seas<br><br> I passed out during my fall through the Ashe tunnel only to be violently reawakened on hitting the water. I was once again in my element, or rather in the element which the Irises had imposed upon me. Total darkness reigned under the frozen sea of the Chasm, but a few hundred feet down a faint glimmer of light could be seen slowly moving. Oh misleading light! I thought that in Kaah I had already seen the biggest creature of the sea-depths, but Kaah was nothing compared to the monstrous fish that now appeared before me, guided forth by hundreds of scavenger fish. And this was but the first horror that I was to encounter in the empire of the Nix…


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