31st of January, 2014

Pandemos "Colossal statue of doom!"

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Slabodan’s laboratory in the north wing on the twelfth floor of the Citadel:

"What are you doing Slobodan? You are skinning Pandemos live and yet I am one of Zorana’s servants!"<br> "She asked me to do it. She’d had enough of your foul-smelling odor giving away the arrival of her patrols in the west wing. She asked me to do something about it."<br> "What are you going to do?"<br> "I’ve removed everything on you that smelt bad, I've cleaned you with fresh blood and now I just need to put on your new skin! And given that flesh refuses to stay sweet-smelling on you, I’ve opted for a more radical solution. I’ve found a nice supply of ebony stone. I’ll even give you a shape that the Sylth vermin won’t be able to detect in the corridors."


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