20th of December, 2013

Senestra Ayaren "Vile Senestra we are at your command"

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Apartment of Senestra Ayaren, south-west wing on the seventh floor of the Citadel:

"Who’s there? Oh, it’s just you Vlokar… I’m bored Vlokar, be a sweetheart and bring me something that will keep me a little entertained. It’s been an age since my peekwees found me any fresh flesh and I’m thirsty for blood. I've got to the stage where I’m actually lacerating myself simply to pass the time and my peekwees just keep on multiplying. They may well be the children of my blood but they taste disgusting. This state of fatigue in which I find myself does not befit my rank!"" <br> "Mistress, Lord Dragomer call everyone." <br> "So my husband has finally shown up! My peekwees told me he’s been off enjoying himself with a Sylth, lucky thing! What I’d give to have a real live specimen before me so I could do more than just tear the wings off my loved ones!"


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