11th of October, 2013

Dyethro "You can't escape his grasp!"

Hero Overview

Price: 800

Power Stats



Dyethro’s chamber, west wing, thirtieth floor

“Bezoh, you woke me up! I was having a nice dream…<br> Do you want me tell you about the Banquet again? Alright, alright, but stop drooling all over my clothes! A thousand years ago, Dragomer opened the Citadel to strangers by inviting them to one of our famous banquets. The mob outside had mistaken us for the old owners, it was curious! Yes, that’s it, the old lords, the Shoraa or something like that, who had been there before us. But these Sylth had a nasty flavor so we shut them up in a wall. During the banquet, the guests insulted us and started to contemplate killing us. At first we laughed as we tore them to pieces but the damned servants, those good for nothing toads, conjured up a strange incantation which made the Heart disappear. Pouf! Just like that! As a result the guests got away. I tried to chase after them. There were three humans I wanted to chop up but the third one preferred to turn himself into a statue. It was pitiful! The worst was when the doors of the Citadel suddenly closed and all the lights went out! We have never been able to leave since. And that's it. Go away now and let me sleep for another year or two...”


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