8th of November, 2013

Dragomer Ayaren "The Grand Lord Dragomer has awaken!"

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Price: 800

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Dragomer at the extraordinary meeting of the Blackforefathers in the central palace:

"Ah! My friends, my brothers, my wife! At last we are reunited after all these centuries! I hope you enjoyed yourselves while we were shut within the walls our resting place. You must have seen the light return to our surroundings and feel your lost hearts beat once more. The work has begun and our return to the world is imminent! But before that, we must salvage our precious heart and rid ourselves of the vermin that have resided in our walls for too long. We have not forgotten the insult that we were subjected to by the Vel, Druids and Magi at that banquet one thousand years ago. And be sure not to forget what those damned Razbyns did to us! We will annihilate every last one of those toads! This time we'll find them. Let us go forth and let no one be spared!"


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