14th of March, 2014

Zorana "Dark Zorana, Drink the blood of your enemies"

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Price: 2350

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Zorana sat on a pile of corpses in the west wing on the third floor basement:

"There you are at last, Velimar! One hundred years spent emptying this wing of tiny Sylth worms. Not to mention those damned peekwees of Senestra that are teeming all over the place and those Razbyn toads jumping around left, right and center. And all that just to catch one measly live blue skin. Where’s the glory in that? Where is the heat of combat which is the only thing that can warm my cold blood? What was the use of all that training in slicing up flesh if I’m only to come across lice, hardly worth my attention and certainly unworthy of my whip!<br> Where are those damned Vel hiding themselves? Come to me, sea turds, come out of the pit you're festering in! You cannot hide in our Citadel forever!"


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