11th of October, 2013

Slobodan "Run from him, while you still can!"

Hero Overview

Price: 300

Power Stats



Slabodan’s laboratory in the north wing on the twelfth floor of the Citadel:

"A clip of the shears here, a blow of the hammer…there, right there. Perfect! Oh! Stop your squealing, little creature, I'm only taking out your eye! You should be happy that it’s joining my collection! I’m sure a third arm will be of more use to you. Exactly, look at that! A lovely specimen, freshly ripped from a peekwee that I found while out walking. You can’t go saying that old Slobodan doesn’t think of you! Stop screaming! It’s starting to really grate on me. I think I’m going to have to sew up your vocal cords; it’s not as if you’ll be needing them any more."


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