3rd of January, 2014

Vlokar "Through ancient rites you live"

Hero Overview

Price: 100

Power Stats



Corridor of the throne room. Vlokar to Ehlma, surrounded by peekwees:

“Come here, you. Master Dragomer is waiting for you.” <br> “Get off me, you disgusting beast.” Ehlma screams <br> The peekwees in unison: <br> “It is useless to shout at Vlokar. Useless.”“Useless.” “One sole master.” “Yes, just one.” “He cannot hear what you are saying.” “Nothing at all.” “He cuts.” “He guts.” “He cuts.” “He guts.” “One sole master.” “Ha, ha!” “Vlokar is strong.” “Vlokar is immortal.” “You are lost.” “You too will be a Vlokar.” “Vlokar does not know how to talk.” “He talks with his sword.” “He talks to the entrails.” “Vlokar is ugly.” “Do not scream at Vlokar.” “Vlokar will not let us eat you.” “Vlokar is evil.” “Useless.” “Ha, ha!” “Useless.”


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