14th of February, 2014

Ehlma "Forget your legacy, embrace the darkness"

Hero Overview

Price: 380

Power Stats



The Throne Room, in the central palace of the Citadel, fifth floor, Dragomer Ayaren to Ehlma:

“Ah, young Ehlma! Are you enjoying yourself? Can you feel the pleasure course through your Sylth veins? How beautiful and strong you are!<br> Perhaps a little too strong…<br> Tell me all, my pretty one. Tell me where Voxre Daa lurks and where the rats of the depths are hiding!” <br> “My lord, I have given you my soul, my blood...but every time I think of it, I suffer and my eyes cloud over. Help me, master…”<br> Dragomer gently strokes her chin.<br> “Don’t worry, my young beauty, all you need to do is drink! Drink a little more of me. The confused tangles of your spirit will give way to a delicious clarity of mind. Drink and forget those who abandoned you and become my voluptuous guide…”


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