28th of March, 2014

Velimir "Rotten Slayer of the black gates"

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1,100 years previously, the private apartments of Dragomer Ayaren:

“You seem frightened, little one. It is just the price for blood, your parents sacrificed you to keep life safe. They did not realize what a gift they had made you. Immortality for next to nothing is what they gave you by bringing you to me. You will receive my gift of eternal life. Without this gift you would be nothing but a useless piece of trash like your parents. You will taste my Ayaren blood, blood that is a thousand years old and more precious than all the piles of gold you might ever have. Don’t shy away from me, it will be painful but you will never again experience such intense rapture. Stop with your pleas of mercy and give me your neck so you can receive my embrace.”


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