22nd of November, 2013

Bezoh "Bezoh of the darkest nightmares"

Hero Overview

Price: 100

Power Stats


Boudoir of Senestra Ayaren, south-west wing on the eighth floor of the Citadel, 200 years previously:

“Well, well, Dyethro. It’s unusual to bump into one other, in these centuries. To what do I owe the honor of your visit?” <br> “I can’t stand your winged creatures flying around all night any more. I’ve tried suffocating them, drowning them, crushing them, but still they come back!” <br> “My little peekwees do as they please, Dyethro, you should know that by now. They’ll continue to exist whatever you do. You just have to get used to them.” <br> “I had got used to them until that thing turned up on my doorstep.”<br> (Dyethro points out the creature to her)<br> “What is it?”<br> “I’ve no idea but it smells like your peekwees. It makes the same sounds as them but looks like a stinking heap of filth. It has a foul-smelling odor and slobbers!”<br> “Isn't it funny! I think you must have created it, Dyethro, with pieces of my blood creatures. You know that funny things happen when you sleep for a long time… Thinking about it, it’s as if it were our own child. There’s almost something romantic about it.”<br> “Viewed like that, I find it even more repellent.”<br> “Let’s call it Bezoh, as that seems to be the only noise it can make.”


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