8th of November, 2013

Sallie "Lethal Assasin of the Naga clan"

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Last coded message from the Empire’s Special Agent to the Cardinal Inquisitor:

"My Lord, At your request, I returned to the Adamante market to pursue the inquiry into the adulators of the Snake-God. Since the end of the war between the alchemists of Creuset, their services have been called upon by a certain bourgeois from the black market who I have not as yet managed to identify. I have however found the sect’s envoy. She is a woman who answers to the name of Sallie. I followed her through the maze of the city’s streets but she uses strange crystals that seem to leave a trail of disorientating poison in her wake. I hope it was just a precautionary measure and that she has not blown my cover. As I cannot be sure of anything in these ungodly surroundings, if ever I should disappear, please find enclosed with this letter all my notes relating to the enquiry..."


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