17th of January, 2014

Gregor Delacroix "Your reputation precedes you General"

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The Court of the Empire’s Inquisition, ten years previously:

"Cardinal, here are the charges held against Count Gregor Delacroix, General of the Second Legion of the Empire: Abuse of his hierarchical position within the Phoenix army; conspiring within the imperial army; murder of the guards watching over the tomb of the first Superior Cardinal, Beneficio; theft of relics from the holy tomb; high treason against the holy Church of the Phoenix. <br> The senate calls for public execution by fire."<br> "The Select Council does not understand, Gregor. You were the most devoted soldier in our army. What drove you to carry out these atrocities?"<br> "I have nothing to say to you, Tiberius. You can pile up all the accusations you want on your little pieces of paper but tomorrow, when I’m long gone from here, I'll savor that stupid look you have on your face right now."


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