28th of March, 2014

Scavros "You'll never learnt to be subtle"

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Report from the Empire Special Agent to the inquisitor of the Rift.

“My lord, I have carried out an in-depth investigation into Scavros, the assassin, otherwise known as the “Butcher”. His latest known targets have been Frogge, the merchant, and Hémaïsto, the Empire’s tithe inspector. Both were found with their heads cut off.”<br> “I am well aware of that, captain, which is precisely why we want to know where he is from!”<br> “That proved to be the most challenging part of my enquiry... It would appear he is from the region of Skalt, and has been a recruit of the sect from early infancy.”<br> “The Nagas! What else did you find out?”<br> “He was born in the village of Rasch.”<br> “Never heard of it… Have you been there? Was he exiled from there?”<br> “No, my lord… Said place ceased to exist some twenty years ago. All its inhabitants were found in their beds, decapitated…”


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