20th of December, 2013

Jack Legrand "Enjoy your crazy machines!"

Hero Overview

Price: 300

Power Stats



Interrogation room at the Manor of the League. The Special Agent of the Empire is chained up:

"I don’t understand… In the legion of the Phoenix you were a top-rate artilleryman, decorated by Hermocrates himself! And yet you followed the Count in his betrayal!" <br> "Ha, ha, ha! The Phoenix... All this ""Empire"" for which you fight…as if I care! It means nothing. It means nothing when you see what lies behind the pretty marble columns and gold icons in the Cathedral. The Count saw it immediately. All those hypocritical secrets. He could have been like me and gone sniveling to the Sisters of Purity after the War of the Resurrection, my gold medal in hand and half my body in tatters. But no, he chose a second life and bought me a new chance with the Watchmakers." <br> "That’s enough rubbish from you. Before I cut off your finger, you’re going to tell me from just where you obtained the information on our movements."


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