11th of October, 2013

Harlette "Harlette, scum of the earth"

Hero Overview

Price: 300

Power Stats



In the lower quarters of the port town of Vendelmar:

“It’s Harlette you’re after, is it? Just a small coin and I am at your service, m’lord.”<br> “Tell me what you know, old scum-bag, or you’ll be lucky if you’re left with two stumps to chew your bread with.”<br> The old beggar spits and then relights his stone pipe.<br> “They call her Harlette. The she-wolf of the seas, oh yes indeedy. She’s one hell of a girl! She has her own ship, stolen with her bare hands. They say she sailed on the Golden Skull until she shrunk the captain and made off with the booty. No one knows the sea north of the Rift better than she does."" <br> “You’re sending me to sleep. What I want to know is, where is she now?”<br> “Rumor has it she’s in cahoots with Count Vileness and his League of Outcasts, oh yes indeedy.”<br> He swallows before turning to the Special Agent:<br> “But if I were you, sire, I’d forget all about it. You might be an officer but in this region the League has eyes and ears everywhere.”


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