25th of October, 2013

Tal'Sar "Spit the secrets of the desert!"

Hero Overview

Price: 300

Power Stats



The Dark Quarter in the Adamante market:

"So, there you are Tal’Sar."<BR> "There’s only one Teork in the area, human. How did you find me?"<BR> "Thanks to your reputation and those three losers wading through the droppings outside. I’m amazed you haven’t cut them up with that sword I see there."<BR> "I don’t sully it for nothing anymore."<BR> The Teork takes a large swig of beer: <BR> "I do not like to be disturbed while I’m drinking, who are you?"<BR> "I’m Gregor Delacroix."<BR> "The Count Vileness? Your league does not impress me, human, if you’ve got something to say, hurry up, I’m easily annoyed."<BR> "The League is about to set out on a dangerous mission through Wyrnden that should be very rewarding and your strength would be of great use to me, so just name the price of your loyalty."<BR> "My loyalty is not for sale. However, if you pay me well, I’ll come. But I could betray you at any moment. And you’d do well to remind yourself of that every time you lay your head upon your pillow."<BR> "That suits me perfectly."


Gold Market