31st of January, 2014

Dina Rapira "Faster than light and deadlier than death"

Hero Overview

Price: 100

Power Stats



City of the Vouges in the lower quarters:

“Who sent me such a stupid elf? All I told you to do was scare him and take the parchment! It wasn’t difficult! But no, you have to go and kill him!”<br> Dina Rapira wiping her sword: <br> “He defended himself and I responded. Okay, he didn’t know how to handle his sword but I’ve nothing to reproach myself for, old baron.”<br> “And what is more, you go about it with your face uncovered. Hask! Have you learnt nothing?! That mask is a symbol, a message even. When a quidam sees it, he must fall to his knees and pray for his life!”<br> “I don’t like the mask. It scratches my face and brings me out in a rash. Anyway, I’ve got the piece of paper you wanted!”<br> “May the Snake-God cut my throat if I ever understand why Romolo hasn't yet drowned you in the Tabre.”


Gold Market