6th of December, 2013

Dom Garcie "Everyone has a price, he can pay it."

Hero Overview

Price: 100

Power Stats


The Cornmoon Inn in the port of Vendelmar:

“Here are the terms of the agreement, my dear Gregor. I will provide the material, money and resources and all you have to do is lead the mission with which I have been entrusted. The arch-druid of the woods must die. The boss will secure us the support of the Naga sect to do the job properly…”<br> “Don’t try and be clever, Dom Garcie, you wouldn't have accepted such a ""contract"" just to kill a scumbag of the forest. You want the treasure in the edifice that has just appeared in Wyrnden. According to my sources, you aim to take control of the Adamante market. This assassination story is just a ruse for collecting information on the "Citadel"".<br> “Oh, my friend, how clever you are! And that is why I am so fond of you. Of course I will also share with you all the information I have on the edifice. Once the Adamante market is in my hands, you will have all you request.”


Gold Market