14th of March, 2014

Fink "Everything has a price, literally"

Hero Overview

Price: 250

Power Stats


A guard from the Manor of the League of Outcasts in the guards’ room:

"Jack, I bumped into one of your damned golems outside. He tried to slit my throat on the way in! Fortunately it stopped working or else I’d have been for it!" <br> "That old thing? I picked it up from one of the market stalls. It used to belong to a Watchmaker, can't remember is name. Apparently he got shrunk by his own invention."<br> "But what’s that awful noise it’s making? Sounds like it’s stuffed full of cow-bells!"<br> "Someone told me you put a coin in it to activate it for a certain amount of time. It was supposed to be used as a contract killer or something like that."<br> "What a stupid idea! You’d hear it coming from miles away!"<br> "Don’t try and make sense of it. It’s just another Watchmaker thing. I thought I could use it as a snare should I ever need to."


Gold Market