3rd of January, 2014

Merana Aldebrane "Your Intelligence is legendary, Merana Aldebrane "

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Letter from Prelate Nero to Superior Cardinal Tiberius:

"My Lord, <br> You would be wise to be wary of Merena Aldebrane’s actions. <br> The young daughter of the last Great Master of Ferabolt has risen to the highest rank and has now replaced the old Council that used to look favorably upon us. Although she put on a good show for Sire Hermocrates during his last visit, ever since she has taken up the reigns of the city of Ferabolt it seems that their ungodly studies have increased at an alarming rate. <br> We currently have no real influence on Ferabolt. In fact, I myself fear that one of these days I will be summoned before her so she can thank me. I remain, nonetheless, your devoted ambassador. <br><br> May the Phoenix guide us!"


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