14th of February, 2014

Kanh "Kanh Protector of Ferabolt!"

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Complaint from Kanh on the third day of the expedition to Wyrnden

"I served ten years of apprenticeship during which I was subjected to impossible climates, made to eat gruel and master the art of soldiering, as well as learning how to manipulate fire and the conjunctions of ethereal flows, and I was awarded the rank of lieutenant with honors. And all that to end up wandering through the desert! I loathe the desert of Adamante, I loathe the sand and I loathe this horrid, burning wind that scorches the throat with every blessed day the Phoenix bestows upon us! I’d give anything now to be sat at a table in the Tawny Wine inn, chatting with that lovely lady inn-keeper.<br> But no, of all the magi sitting on the council, we have to follow the one who decided to embark upon this journey. I really must have been born under an unlucky star!"


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