11th of October, 2013

Ivo Galfor "Ivo Galfor, Shining Twilight Star!"

Hero Overview

Price: 800

Power Stats



Ivo Galfor to Chaka, in the entrance to the Citadel:

“In the beginning it starts with a scream. A long inner scream when you realize what you have done. And then come the first years when you see abominable creatures flying before you, creatures who have emerged from the deranged minds of their hosts. First you feel pity for them and then you envy them their freedom of movement. You must stand rooted to the spot in the unspeakable presence of these creatures who defecate upon you. Disgust fills your mind… Then one day, there is nothing left but darkness and silence. A silence that drives you mad, a silence of several hundred years praying for just one small sign of life. When you are transformed into a statue and your mind at last rests, you end up succumbing, eternally conscious but forever fixed in eternity...” <br> “Shut up, Ivo Galfor"" said the magician, ""I didn't bring you back to life to listen to your woes. From now on you will serve Merana. It is of no consequence to me that you were a magician of Ferabolt when you were alive.”


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