31st of January, 2014

Konatsu "Konatsu, Master of the Earth element"

Hero Overview

Price: 800

Power Stats



Office of the Telluric Master Magician in Ferabolt:

"…and the period of the Flickerings created a revolution in the field of telluric energy…" <br> ""Blah, blah, blah. Master Albor, you’re rambling on again! It’s the Harmonio awards ceremony today. I've been waiting for this for five whole years! You could at least congratulate me!"" <br> "Without a doubt, Konatsu, what you’ll be most remembered for in this office is your impertinence. Here I am trying to introduce you to a new form of earthly magic and all you can think of is a measly piece of crystal."<br> "It’s a Harmonio, professor! Don’t tell me you weren’t excited when you received yours!"<br> "In my time…"<br> "Come on, get up and let’s go! And don’t forget that you also have to write me a letter of recommendation for the expedition to Wrynden! You’ll see, I’ll prove myself worthy of your teachings!"


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