22nd of November, 2013

Hideo Watanobe "You came from afar to fight for what is right!"

Hero Overview

Price: 300

Power Stats



The Officers Room, Dungeon of the Protectors in Ferabolt:

“Merana, this is insane! You have just come to power in Ferabolt, why the devil would you set out on an expedition now?”<br> “Come, come, Hideo, do you not remember our youth? As soon as our masters had their backs turned, we were off on adventures.”<br> “We were fools back then. Things are different now. Your hold on power is still fragile and you know I have no choice but to accompany you.”<br> “Oh, the sacred duty of the Protectors! I’m only a magician, Hideo. It is the city that needs protecting, not me!” “My oath leaves me with no choice, which is why I beg you to abandon this voyage.”<br> “Impossible! You have felt it within your Flame, Hideo: a critical mass of magic has converged in Wyrnden. I predict, or rather I know that in that area destiny will play itself out and we must be part of it, whatever the cost!”<br> “Well, if that is how it is, I will be your protective cloak, just as it has always been and will always be!”


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