14th of March, 2014

Chaka "Chaka, your knowledge strikes like a thunderbolt!"

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Price: 1999

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Merana Aldebrane’s Office in Ferabolt’s Tower of the Unknown:

"""Chaka, do you know why I summoned you here?"" <br> "I imagine it has something to do with the expedition to Wyrnden. If you’re hiding it from my Harmonio sisters, am I right in thinking something needs to remain a secret?" <br> "Well I have to say, I admire your insight. Did you read the Anthology of Noctar?" <br> "No, the library doors have been closed to me ever since the Lightning Book attached itself to me." <br> "The book tells the tale of a cursed Sylth Citadel in which a legendary artifact can be found called the heart of Agglomoth. It is said to be an ancient treasure that holds unimaginable powers. This is the real reason behind our expedition... I have said nothing of this to the Council as there are those among them who remain loyal to the cardinal and I don't want old Tiberius to know my intentions, at least for now... I know you have extraordinary abilities in detecting magic and that you are not a follower of the church of the Phoenix. I am relying on you and on your silence, Chaka." <br> "You can rely on me, Great Mistress Aldebrane."


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