6th of December, 2013

Akyle "There are many things yet too learn"

Hero Overview

Price: 160

Power Stats



Residence of the Empire’s Ambassador in Ferabolt:

“Akyle, you have been studying here for years thanks to the influence of the great prelate of Rift. We have watched your progress and are proud of the privileged place you now hold among the Protectors. <br> “My lord, Ambassador, it is kind of you to say so but I'm afraid I do not understand why you have called me here.”<br> “We know that the Great Mistress is about to set out on an expedition. Where? We do not know. Why? We do not know either. The Superior Cardinal is very keen to know the details of this voyage. And we know you are a true child of the Phoenix.”<br> “You want me to spy on the Great Mistress? But I took an oath and I can’t…”<br> “Well, spying is a big word! We just want to be kept abreast of how her plans are proceeding. This may well prove to be of great importance to everyone. You won’t be betraying anyone, my son.”


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