28th of February, 2014

Mynos "Shape the armonyum and unleash his power"

Hero Overview

Price: 104

Power Stats


The House of Harmony, workroom of the Sages of Ferablot:

“I need you on the expedition, Mynos.”<br> “You’ve certainly grown up, Merana, your quickness of mind is alarming. My fellow master-tailors want nothing to do with me since I supported you in disbanding the old council. So why should I follow you?”<br> “You are the greatest Sage of Ferabolt, Mynos. It was your lucidity and deep understanding of the Harmonium crystal that allowed me to garner your support when I set out my hypothesis on the crystal’s origins. But for me, it is a true theory.”<br> “Are you saying that the fact that the Harmonium should only appears in the region of Wyrnden is no coincidence? Do you believe it is linked to the Sylth fortress?”<br> “I'm sure it is. But only you can truly confirm this once we are there. It could change everything, Mynos! The study of magic and our knowledge of Rhynn in general!”<br> “I’m not sure my old bones are up to the journey but if what you say is true, I'd be the most foolish of gnomes if I chose not to go with you.”


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