25th of October, 2013

Jarvie "Those parchments won't arrange themselves"

Hero Overview

Price: 100

Power Stats


House of Harmony, parchment room:

“No, Jarvie, if you want to cast the spell properly and not just make fireworks, you must emphasize the first syllable when you say ""Aärd""”.<BR> “But master Mynos...why must I learn all this so quickly? You gave me two months to learn how to pronounce this parchment.”<BR> “We will be accompanying Great Mistress Merana to Wrynden in two weeks’ time. Even with several Protectors of the Council and Pillars at our side, the journey will be dangerous. You need to be able to defend yourself should the need arise!”<BR> “But…would it not then be better to leave me here?”<BR> “Deary me! You are far too innocent, my pupil. Your place as apprentice Harmonio sage-sculptor is much coveted... It requires you to have no magical aptitude so you will not enter into resonance with the pure Harmonium crystal. If I were to leave you here on your own, I doubt you would survive a single night. Ferabolt is not as pleasant a place as you might believe.”


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